6 Responses to “Red Aurora over Northern Illinois!”

  1. Chelsea says:

    Is it possible to have seen it in Champaign-Urbana? I tried to take a picture was a bit too late 🙁 How often does this occur in IL? Can it be predicted? If so where do we look for information? Thanks for posting this picture it’s really GREAT!

  2. John says:

    Hey! I saw this too! I’m from Glendale Heights and was freaked out cuz I caught the tail end of it. It had dissipated into a dim hue of magenta by the time I saw it. It was my first as well! sure wish I had seen this earlier or knew it was coming! Great picture though! Thanks for sharing it!

    • croman says:

      John… it was an awesome sight indeed! This make me want to make a trip to Alaska and see it proper. The red color was stunning!

  3. NW Indiana says:

    I saw it last night riding my bike out near the dunes.

  4. So cool… so glad you guys saw it! i wished i had known earlier… the best trip my hubby and i ever made was a trip to chena hot springs in alaska just south of the arctic circle. this was dedicated to see aurora… and we did! wow, did we ever. like i said the best trip of my life. (aside from the honeymoon ; )

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